• François Royer was born in the early 60s in the eastern French
    department of Franche Comté, a chilly green land where CANCOILLOTTE cheese is made (it's still his favorite). Long hours spent doodling in the margins of his school notebooks eventually led to his becoming an art teacher. Once qualified to teach, though, he was in no hurry to actually get in front of a class, embarking instead on a short and brilliant career as a graphic artist in the French island department of Réunion in the Indian Ocean. On returning to Europe, and Paris, he started the legendary GOO GOO CLUSTER rhythm'n'groove band (buy a stanker, get a free CD!) His discrete yet efficient guitar playing confirmed his tendency toward manual rather than intellectual labor, and so he leaped into design, rehabilitating and recycling old metal barrels. From his garage studio near


  • Montpellier came a trickle of unique art objects that double as furniture - "stankers," he calls them. Today they may be found in Paris, Madrid or Amsterdam, in Oregon or Réunion - and maybe soon in your own home.